co Who Profits From Social Media? |

According to an article on My Edmonds News website, small businesses stand to profit more from social media than big businesses or corporations. I totally agree.

The author of the article, Karen Rosenzweig, promises the following benefits to small business owners who engage through social media:

  • Increased exposure for your business
  • More traffic to your website
  • Better search engine results
  • New partnerships
  • Qualified leads
  • Improved sales
  • Reductions in marketing costs

but that’s only if you use social media.

So what is meant by social media? Let’s see – there’s Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and a whole host of other websites that have both a global reach as well as a local reach. Conduct a little survey and choose the sites that have the most potential for helping you grow your business where you want it to grow.

If you are a local business and you are interested in connecting with potential clients locally, you might find a social networking site or forum that services your local area. If your business does business globally, then any of the large networks are worth your attention.

Small businesses owners only have to spend a few minutes a day on two or three social networking sites to see any benefits. If you are effective in positioning your business, then you’ll find that social media has a big pay off.