co The Changing Face Of Article Marketing |

Article marketing is a mainstay of Internet marketing. It’s been around since the earliest days of the Internet and Web-savvy marketers have been very effective in using article marketing to drive traffic to their websites and in closing the sale. But recently, article marketing has taken a huge turn – for better and for the worse.

Google slapped the article directories hard, so hard that you might not want to keep putting your articles there. They may work and they may not. But there is actually a better way to go about marketing your business and your website these days.

The 2011 way to market yourself through articles is to distribute them through other channels. Try HubPages, Google Knol, and Squidoo Lenses. Or find websites within your niche that publish articles. Even niche-related blogs.

Articles are still good marketing tools. But distribution channels change, and the methods that article marketers use should change right along with them. If you want to be successful at article marketing, study your niche. Whose doing what? Where are they publishing? What are they publishing?

Don’t ask those questions to follow the trends. Rather, ask those questions so that you can move ahead of the trends. Then, write your articles and send them to the right places.