co UberMedia, Mixx, And Twitter |

Remember the social media website Mixx? Yesterday, I went to bookmark something at the site and I got a message saying Mixx had been purchased by UberMedia, which I found interesting because the rumor is that the company could soon be launching a Twitter competitive site. I just tried to revisit Mixx and couldn’t get to it at all. What’s going on?

Not long ago Twitter announced that some third party apps weren’t going to work any longer. Then they made others change their names. That’s UberWild!

If UberMedia actually does purchase Tweetdeck and competes directly against Twitter, will they incorporate Mixx into the fray as well?

There are some big variables there. Mixx is popular, but it’s not as popular as, say, StumbleUpon, Digg, Facebook, or Twitter. And any competing microblogging service is going to have an uphill battle against Twitter. The question is, does UberMedia have the digital cojones?

A partnership with Tweetdeck would undoubtedly increase their clout. They’ve already got a little bit of that with Ubersocial. And then to incporporate Mixx as well – what’s going on?

There are always changes in the market. Companies come and go, mergers happen, and acquisitions change the landscape for users. Are we about to see an established app manufacturer move into Twitter’s workspace, and possibly make some headway?