co Are You A Business Or A Media Company? |

Steve Rubel, who is a bit of an Internet pioneer, has an interesting take on marketing in this global Internet economy. Even if you’re a local business. And I fully agree.

He says you should do four things to reach your audience:

  1. Communicate through traditional media (and I would add, especially if you are marketing locally)
  2. Use Digital New Media (a euphemism for online news sources)
  3. Develop your own media platforms
  4. Spread your content through social media

If you follow that advice, then that would make your business a media company – and I say, what’s wrong with that?

In fact, that’s precisely what you should strive to be. A media company.

We’ve talked about social media so much that I think you know how I feel about that. But what does it mean to be a media company? It means this: That you set up Web properties beyond your own business website that give other people a platform as well. These include forums, blogs, community websites where industry news can be published, wikis, etc.

The key is not to tell you what you should be doing, but to give you license to use your imagination. The Internet is a huge place. Look and see what is not being provided in your industry online and provide that. It could be an industry social networking website, it could be an industry wiki or encyclopedia site, or it could be a simple blog.

Whatever it is, if you are a media company, then you’re a power to reckon with.