co Measuring Social Media ROI |

Neil Glassman has a great article at Social Times titled “10 Measures Of Social Media ROI For Your Brand.” I highly recommend you read this article.

Rather than write a synopsis of the article or reveal the 10 measures, I’m simply going to highlight three of them, which I consider to be uncommon uses of social media. That is, these are ways that social media can be leveraged and provide metrics for success, but which social media marketers often do not use or, if they do, do not do effectively.

  • Improve SEO – A lot of people are using social media to improve their SEO, but I think a lot of them are getting it wrong. What is often done is to use social media for SEO. When an inordinate amount of attention is put on that one single benefit it can lead to a neglect of other benefits social media has to offer. I couldn’t say it any better than Neil himself:

    While it’s not a good idea to habitually kick customers from social media platforms to your web site, your social media content and activities can be used to improve your search rankings.

    You don’t have to constantly link back to your website to make effective use of social media. Do it moderately and your SEO can sing great harmony.

  • Reputation Management – Instead of using social media as a reactive strategy to combat negative information about your company, use it as a proactive approach to tell what is good about your company.
  • Customer Support – There are some companies doing this very well. Stories abound of people who tweet a disappointment with a product or service and get an immediate response from the company to fix their problem. This is good customer service and you can do it too.

These are three of 10 uncommon uses of social media. I recommend reading Neil’s article for the rest.