co Enter The Age Of Facebook Phone Calls |

VOIP provider Jajah has recently announced a Facebook app that allows you to place free phone calls on your Android to any of your Facebook friends. But it’s available only in the U.S. and Canada.

If you think that’s too limited, rest assured, it’s just a start. An app for the iPhone is on the way and there are rumors that a Skype Facebook app is in development. I can see a day when this technology will be available worldwide. It also has astounding potential for small businesses who want to do business with their Facebook friends.

Imagine posting to your Facebook page that you are running a special, but the special is only available to Facebook friends who call you within a specified time – let’s say within 15 minutes. That’s not a long time. But if you have 2,000 friends and 10% of them see your post at the time that you make it and you get a 10% response, you’ve just sold 20 items at your special offer rate.

Here’s another scenario: One of your friends posts that she is looking for a particular item that you happen to sell. You can call your friend as soon as you see the post and tell her about it. Why risk the potentiality that she doesn’t see your reply because she stepped away from her computer? You just call her. After all, you’ve got the app.