co Do Your Headlines (Get The) Click? |

Every copywriter knows that the trick to getting people to read your story is to give it a compelling headline. This is true whether you are writing for a print publication or if you are writing for an online publication, a blog, a Twitter stream, PPC ads, or anywhere you expect to get readers. If the headline doesn’t compel the reader to move beyond it, then you won’t get readers.

So how do you write a good headline, one that gets the click?

Follow these tips to great headline writing:

  1. Make it relevant. Tell your readers exactly what your story or blog post is about. Nothing is more annoying to a reader than delving into a story expecting a good read only to find out it was about something else.
  2. Make a promise and deliver on it. To do this effectively, your headline has to promise the reader that it will teach them something they need to know or inform them of information they can’t live without. But the most important part of your promise is the follow through.
  3. Make it easy. Make it easy for your reader to click. Phrases like “3 ways …”, “1 simple step …”, and “6 types of …” tell readers that there isn’t much left to do other than click link.
  4. Don’t be cute. Cute headlines don’t compel readers to click. They may chuckle, sigh, laugh, or respond as you intended, but they likely won’t click.

Good headlines give readers a reason to keep reading. Are yours getting the click?