co 10 SEO Tactics That No Longer Work (If They Ever Did) | - Part 2011

Confused about SEO? Did you just buy a nifty SEO book, or download one for free, that promises to tell you everything there is to know about SEO? Be careful. Some of those books are optimizing like it’s 1999.

Here are 10 outdated SEO tactics, and some of them are suspect that they ever worked at all:

  • Meta Keywords – For awhile, looked at these, but then they got out of the search game. Even then, they only had about 1-point-something percent of the search market share. Adding meta keywords is a waste of time.
  • Search Engine Submissions – Submit to all the search engines you want. It won’t help you. The best search engines will crawl your site if it’s crawlable. You don’t need to submit to search engines.
  • Header Tags (H1 and H2) – These are nice. They look good. You have nice headlines. But that’s all. Put keywords in them. That’s cool. Your visitors will know what the site is about, but the search engines don’t care about these tags.
  • Keyword-stuffed Content – This has never been a good practice. Today, it’s even worse. Focus on great content that helps your visitor.
  • Using The Same Title Or Keyword On Every Page – Seriously, did you think the search engines wouldn’t notice?
  • A Different Page For Every Similar Product You Have – OK, so you have a catalog of 1,000 products. Red widgets, yellow widgets, pink widgets with blue polka dots, etc. Having a separate page for each widget is not going to help you rank for widgets.
  • Linking To Popular Websites – Even if those sites are in your niche. Outbound links have no value. It’s the inbound links that count.
  • Publishing Only Other People’s Stuff – I see blogs with auto-generated content and think, “Do you really think that’s going to work?” It doesn’t.
  • PageRank Sculpting – A few SEOs taught a couple of years ago that you could increase your link popularity to your best pages by adding a nofollow attribute to links pointing to your terms of service and privacy policy pages. Don’t count on it, especially if your website has only 10 pages.
  • Minor Changes To Your Pages – Do you think tweaking that 1,250-word page to have two more uses of your keyword is going to help you rank better? It won’t. You’re wasting your time.

If your SEO guru or free e-book download is telling you to do these 10 things, fire him or throw the book away. These SEO tactics are useless and a waste of your precious time.