co Bad Reviews Can Help You Rank Better |

No one likes to receive bad reviews, but did you know that bad reviews can actually help you?

It’s true. Bad reviews = content and content is good. There are several websites online where you can have your customers go to write reviews of your business. I highly recommend that you invite your customers to do this. And if you’d prefer to receive good reviews, just provide good customer service and you are more likely to attract positive reviews rather than negative.

Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and Bing all offer reviews of local businesses. Let your customers know you have a listing at these sites (you do, don’t you?) and invite them to review your business. The more reviews you have, the more likely your local listings will appear in the search engines.

Other sites like Yelp and CitySearch offer local business listings and a way for customers to review a business. You can also add a page to your website that allows customers to review your business.

If you have a reviews page on your website, that’s content for your site. It can appear in the search engine listings for any search involving the name of your business plus “reviews.” That could mean additional traffic to your website and if the majority of your reviews are positive, it could mean more business.

Reviews are good for your business, positive or negative. While positive reviews are best, negative reviews can still help.