co The Human Side Of Local Search |

Frank Reed has a thoughtful post at WebProNews about Bing, Google, and Local Search. His premise is interesting and it leaves me wondering. He says that Bing can lead in local search by being the “anti-Google.”

I was particularly struck by this paragraph:

So spend the money you have wisely by investing in the human side of the Internet. Hire people to be city managers. Give them a more than fair wage plus the chance to earn commission based on reasonable metrics like number of verified business accounts in the portal and other things. Let them earn the right to hire more sales people and be entrepreneurial in their market but with the backing of a Goliath like Microsoft.

If Bing, or any search engine, took that approach, it would be revolutionary. By posting this to the world, Frank Reed runs the risk of Google picking up on the idea and implementing it. But that likely won’t happen. Google have their own ideas.

Still, we are human, are we not? Would you respond to a search engine taking this approach? Would the “human side of the Internet” tickle you pink?

As a small business owner, I think this would certainly get my attention. I’d also be likely to experiment with Bing products for small businesses and see how they could help me in my business. Right now, Google is doing a fairly adequate job of helping small business owners, but they could do more. Do you think strong stiff competition from Bing would up the ante?