co What You Can Learn From Web TV |

Is Web TV any different than traditional TV? According to founder Dina Kaplan, it is. And, actually, I agree.

The most interesting difference between traditional TV and Web TV is that the audience can influence the story line as it develops. Consider:

Fans that watch Web shows have the ability to write comments that provide immediate influence on the plot of a series. However, by the time a traditional television show reaches its audience, the next several shows have already been filmed.

This is something that Web TV and an online business have in common. You can use the comments on your blog, Twitter stream, LinkedIn and Facebook walls, and anywhere else online to get real-time feedback on your business, your service, and your products. You can then take that information and redirect if you have to.

Online marketers have always claimed to have more flexibility and freedom than traditional marketers. Now, Web TV producers are saying the same thing. See a common theme?

While your competition is struggling to figure out just how to incorporate online marketing into their overall business strategy, you could be implementing it successfully, interacting with your clients, and refocusing your business based on the feedback you get from them in real time.