co 5 Current Internet Marketing Trends With Staying Power |

Trends come and go, but not all trends end up going. Some end up sticking around for a long time. I predict that the following trends are here to stay and that you should seriously start thinking about following them now that you’ve brought your business online.

  1. Mobile Search – Seriously, mobile phones have hit the market big time. People are buying on their phones, reading blogs on their phones, and updating their social media on their phones. Mobile search is big and I predict it will get bigger.
  2. Facebook and Twitter – If you thought social media was a trend that would go away, you’d better face it. Not only is it not going away, but it’s getting bigger and better. Today, if you have an online presence with your business, you’d better be on Facebook and Twitter – at a minimum.
  3. Blog MarketingBlog marketing came on strong, then it dipped. I mean, it slowed down. Businesses lost interest. But it appears that blog marketing is experiencing a surge again. I think this trend will continue for a long time.
  4. Local Search – Local businesses have discovered the Internet. Whether you are in a large metro area or in a small rural town, local search is going to be huge.
  5. Longer Content – It seems that the search engines are favoring longer content. Can you blame them? I think longer content is in, and to be truthful, longer content will always have great benefits.

Catch the wave of these five trends right now. They’ll be major influences to online marketing for a long time.