co Here's A Unique Thought On Article Writing |

I don’t read Michael Martinez much, but I trust that he knows what he’s talking about. I believe this because every time I do read him, I walk away with new insight. Such was the case recently when I read his thoughts on how to get quality articles for your website.

The gist of the article, and sorry if I ruin the punch line for you, is that you should write them yourself. After all, if you can write an e-mail requesting 20 links, he says, then you can write a blog post for your blog. If you can write a guest blog post for someone else, then you can write 20 blog posts for yourself. I guess I never thought about it that way, but it’s true.

It’s become fashionable in SEO circles to talk about link building as if link building is the most important thing in the world. In fact, many SEOs believe that it is. But I don’t. And I’m pretty sure Michael Martinez doesn’t.

Here’s a litmus test for you: Try building links to a site with no content on it and see what happens. Build thousands of links. Go out of your way to get as many links as you can, especially high PR links from relevant websites. Next, write a blog post every day for a year and don’t spend any effort building links to it. Which site do you think will have better search engine rankings? If you said the site with content on it, then you win a new toaster over (just kidding, but you’re pretty smart). 🙂

Here’s the point. There is nothing you can do to promote your website and your business that is as important as adding new, fresh, quality content to it. That’s the best article marketing you’ll ever get.