co Are You Ready For The Social Media Slow Down? |

Social Times is predicting that social media marketing is going to get harder, not easier. I can see their point, and I agree.

In the past few years, social media have been growing. But at some point, that rapid growth is going to slow down. After all, there are only so many new people to enter the market. That doesn’t mean that the number of users on sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn will start to decline. It means that they won’t increase at the same fast rate.

So if growth of the social media platforms is going to slow down, what’s that mean for marketers? It means, in a nutshell, that those users who are using social media will be much more savvy and sophisticated. That translates into more discerning.

If you are marketing yourself to that more discerning market, you’ll have to work harder to outshine the competition. That means you’ll have to ensure that your message is crystal clear, that you get it in front of the right target market, and that you sell the benefits better than your competitors. That’s nothing new, is it?

It really isn’t new in terms of strategy. The difference is that you are marketing toward a more sophisticated audience. They aren’t going to tolerate any B.S. The slightest perception of spam or lack of detail on your part and you could lose your audience before you get to sell to them.

In other words, social media marketing is about to get more difficult. Are you ready?