co How To Increase Your Twitter Followers |

So you’ve set yourself up a Twitter account and you’re raring to go. Good for you! But how do you increase your followers?

First, keep in mind that you are not a celebrity. If Ashton Kutcher or Oprah Winfrey is your name, then you might need 1 million followers to keep the world notified of your whereabouts and goings on. But if you are a small business owner in Wayzata, Michigan and trying to connect with other local persons, it really doesn’t matter how many followers you have or how many people you are following if they don’t fit your ideal profile.

The object of Twitter is to help you connect with people you’d like to do business with so, with that in mind, let’s talk about how to grow your Twitter followers.

  • First and foremost, keep a consistent tweet schedule. That is, find 10-15 minutes two or three times a day when you can manage your Twitter account, accept friend requests, and send out tweets.
  • Make sure your tweets are quality tweets and not fluff. Quality is better than quantity.
  • Use Twellow to find friends that meet your target market profile.
  • DO NOT follow people then unfollow them when they follow you. You could get your Twitter account suspended.
  • Add your Twitter link to your website and your e-mail signature. Also put your Twitter address on your business cards, letterhead, and other correspondence.
  • You can use a tool like SocialOomph, HootSuite, or Seesmic Desktop to keep your Twitter account updated and manage certain aspects of your Twitter account.
  • If you use the auto-DM features of these sites, be sure that you keep your message simple and don’t include links. Auto DM turns a lot of people off, but they’re mostly turned off by the spammy links. So don’t add links to your auto DMs.
  • Pre-scheduled messages are controversial. Some people say don’t do it and some say it’s OK. I think it’s OK to pre-schedule some of your tweets as long as you also tweet in real time. Don’t rely entirely on pre-scheduled tweets.
  • Finally, don’t forget about the interaction. Start and enter discussions with your followers. It’s also a great way to make new friends as conversations on a particular topic will often invite others to join the conversation.