co Online Reviews: Opportunity Or Obstacle? |

One of the most frightening things in the world for a small business owner is a negative review. But should you be afraid of them? I think there are several reasons not to be afraid of negative reviews, the first of which is that no one can please everyone all of the time. If someone had a negative experience with your company, try to find out why and look at it as an opportunity.

When you see a negative review of your company online, the best thing to do is try to resolve it. Here are 5 ways you can turn a negative review into a positive:

  1. Thank the person for their review. Be positive and let them know that you will try to fix the problem they pointed out. Be proactive and make good on your promises.
  2. Don’t respond to the negative review right away. Instead, walk away from your computer and don’t respond until you’ve had time to cool down and think of a reasonable response.
  3. Apologize for the bad experience. Offer some way to make it up to the reviewer.
  4. Offer to resolve the issue in private. If possible, send a private message to the reviewer and offer to resolve their issue in a positive manner over the phone. Offer a discount on a future service, present them with a coupon, or make a positive move to resolve the situation amicably.
  5. Leave your phone number. If you cannot private message the reviewer, leave a phone number on the review website with an invitation to call you and resolve the situation. Be positive and make every effort to ensure the reviewer will see that as a way to get the situation resolved in a peaceful, nonthreatening manner.

Online reviews are nothing to fear. If you perform good customer service on a regular basis, then you’ll encourage your customers to leave you positive reviews. Look at negative reviews as an opportunity, not an obstacle.