co Is Twitter Still A Good Marketing Tool? |

Twitter has posted some impressive numbers about its service and Frank at Marketing Pilgrim has picked up on them, and he’s asking some really pertinent questions.

If you believe that the 177 million tweets sent on March 11, 2011 are all valuable tweets, and not just frivolous nonsense, please stand up. That’s 177 million – in one day! Are all of them valuable information tweets? Not likely.

But Frank asks other good questions too, like “If you took away the social media ‘insiders’, in other the words the ‘super user’ how many tweets would you have?”

OK, sounds cynical, doesn’t it? But I think Frank makes some good points. Not every Twitter account holder is active. Not all them send out useful tweets. I mean, some people are just tweeting teenage girl gossip stuff. That may be valuable if you’re a teenage girl, but what if you are a small business owner?

With so much noise on Twitter, is it still a useful marketing tool? Personally, I’d say yes – with one caveat: If you use it effectively.

Like anything else, you have to use the tool effectively. Are you getting results from Twitter? Many people are. But they have a strategy and they are working their strategy. They aren’t wasting time sending out frivolous messages that don’t help anyone.

If you are on Twitter to promote your business, keep it focused. Remember what you are there for.