co The New Gamer, Women 25-44 |

Do you have a 40-year-old mom? Are you a 40-year-old mom? If so, you’re the new gamer according to this article by WebProNews.

Social gaming is all the rage and it isn’t teenage boys that are playing. It’s their mothers. So why should you care? Well, unless you’re one of them, you might want to figure out how to use Zynga games to market to them.

Last year, it was Farmville. This year, evidently, it is Cityville. Whichever Zynga game it is that is most popular right now, creative and savvy marketers are going to find a way to break in and use it as a marketing tool.

Take a play out of the playbook of Bing, the search engine. Offer an incentive in one of the games for people to friend you on Facebook, or your fan page. Or come up with another angle that will be attractive to women in the 25-44 year old age bracket.

While that may be the largest demographic for Zynga games, keep in mind that it isn’t the only demographic. Only 53% of Zynga gamers fit that demographic. 55% overall are women. Wow – that leaves the other 2% for below 25 and over 44. I guess Grandma is out.

Are you creative? Are you savvy? Are you ready for Marketing 101? Maybe you should be playing Cityville.