co Small Business Marketing Through iPhone Apps |

It’s official: the iPhone, the Android, SmartPhones, they are here to stay, and they are here in full force. Everyone is using the cell phone these days to log on, tune in, and plug up. So is that a great opportunity to promote your small business?

You bet it is. In fact, cell phone apps are poised to be some of the biggest innovations in the next few years. Small businesses are even getting in on the picture and it won’t be long before having your own iPhone app is going to be as important as having your own website. It may already be.

And apps are flexible products. You can use them for so much. You can incorporate a customer service component into just about any creative app that you can create. If your users find the app interesting and useful, they’ll use it and you’ll be top-of-mind all the time.

The key to a good app is to create one that is related to your business in some way and useful. For instance, an auto parts shop might create an app that lets users order parts in real time while on the go. Wouldn’t that be useful? Or a restaurant may let users order carry out. Maybe a bookstore would allow users to place books on hold, or even order and pay for them right through their phones.

There are all sorts of ways to get creative with iPhone apps. Now is the time to start thinking about how you can keep your customers tuned into your business through their iPhones.