co Embed Facebook Content Into Your Website |

There’s a new tool out now, developed by online news website WebProNews, called SocialDitto that allows webmasters and bloggers the ability to embed Facebook and Twitter content into your own content.

Seriously, this isn’t a mind-sweeping technological advancement. Widgets and tools that allow for embedded content have been around for years. WordPress has plugins that do the same thing so it’s really nothing new. But I have yet to see a really good tool that allows you to embed Facebook content. Have you?

Just take a look at the page. It’s free and all you have to do is copy the URL, click on the “ditto” button, and copy/paste the content you want to embed. Here it is in action, from SocialDitto’s own Facebook page:

SocialDittoSocialDitto has been updated to include Twitter! Ditto your tweets in the new or old Twitter formats!

This is a unique and interesting tool and I think you’ll have fun using it if you can figure out a way to use Facebook content in your blog posts.