co The Collateral Effect Of Social Media |

You know that gaining inbound links is good for SEO, and you know that social media marketing is good too. But did you know that social media marketing can lead to the collateral effect of additional inbound links through others blogging about you?

It isn’t enough just to post great content to Facebook and Twitter. Sure, you might get that coveted Like or Retweet, but don’t just make those ends of themselves.

If you post great content in your social media efforts that in turn gets the attention of bloggers who write about you and link to you, then you will be doing yourself huge favors. Think about it. Not only are you likely to get your social media content Liked and Retweeted, but you’ll be talked about and linked to, and the people who are talking about you and linking to you will also get Liked and Retweeted, which leads to more social media attention.

You could have a virtual circus of links just by being spectacular.

So think about composing blog posts that are not just extraordinary enough to get Liked and Retweeted, but that is extra-extraordinary enough to be blogged about. If you can do that, you’ll have plenty of well earned inbound links.