co Why Fans And Followers Are Breaking Up With You |

Matt McGee once again found an interesting study. This time, the comparison is between Facebook and Twitter and the reasons fans and followers cite un-Liking and un-following you. The results are interesting.

It seems the top three reasons people un-Like companies on Facebook are:

  1. The company posts too frequently
  2. Their wall was too crowded with marketing posts
  3. The content became repetitive and boring over time

The same question asked of Twitter followers showed the same top three responses, but they were in reverse order. That is, the No. 3 reason was the No. 1 reason, and vice-versa.

So what does this data mean?

I agree with Matt on his conclusions about the meaning of the data. Here are the four conclusions he draws:

  • Twitter and Facebook users are different (but we already knew that, didn’t we?)
  • Facebook’s filtering algorithm may impact marketing efforts
  • One strategy does not fit all
  • There’s no one dominant reason fans unfollow

I would add that Twitter followers expect you to post frequently so that may be one reason why that isn’t the No. 1 reason for unfollows. The actual percentage who cited that reason for Twitter was 39%. But one thing that Twitter followers can’t tolerate is repetitive and boring so be mindful of that.

Understand that your Facebook and Twitter followers are different audiences. If you are pitching them the same content, it will likely be taken differently.