co Is Farmville The New Social Media? |

It’s been almost a year now, but I thought I’d write about Bing’s successful Farmville experiment.

Bing promised fans farm cash if they became Facebook fans and it worked. In less than 24 hours, Bing gained 400,000 new Facebook fans.

There is a lesson here. While a lot of attention has been put on Facebook and Twitter in the social media sphere, Farmville (according to Bing) actually gets more traffic than Twitter and looks to be the new way to gain some social media traction. That is, if you can get creative and use it well.

So how can your small business use Farmville, or Cityville, or one of the other hundreds of Zynga games on Facebook? I’ve seen dating sites use Fubar for their marketing, which is an online singles bar.

All you have to do is engage. If that means tossing out a bribe to get people to friend you on Facebook (promise them a free download or something) or to follow you on Twitter, then do what it takes. Once you get your foot in the door, you can build that relationship and filter them through your sales funnel.

Social media marketing
isn’t hard. It’s a whole lot easier when you get creative.