co How Unique Is Your Marketing Plan? |

Are you breaking new ground, or just breaking wind? Here’s a unique concept in publishing.

I’m assuming this novelist got a good response in Croatia because his novel is now going to be published in print. But what if it had been published in English on Facebook? Would it have received the same level of response?

As this article points out, serialized novels are nothing new. Alexander Dumas and Charles Dickens both published their novels in magazines before putting them in novel form. But the Internet offers novelists and publishers a new tool for marketing and publishing. Creative artists are using Twitter (and have been since Day One), and now Facebook, for publishing. But what are small businesses doing?

Actually, plenty of small businesses are using the Internet for innovative marketing. But the question is, What is your small business doing?

There’s more than one to be innovative. I’m not saying you have to rely on Facebook and/or Twitter. You don’t have to serialize your order forms or follow the next big trend. What I’m saying is, there’s opportunity. There’s gold in them there links and content pages. What are you doing to pan for the gold in Internet marketing? Are you trying or just waiting for the next big wave to hit?

Innovation begins with a concept, which leads to a plan. Be creative and proactive. Because you can.