co Content Farms: Did Google Go Far Enough? |

Thursday, Google introduced a new algorithm to reduce the rankings of content farms in its search results. The interesting thing here is that the algorithm was introduced just days after a Google Chrome extension allowing users to block content farms from their search results.

Here’s a question: If Google can create an extension like that for Google Chrome, then why can’t it allow all users of its search engine to block content from any domain right from the SERP?

Pardon the digression. I really like this paragraph from Wired Magazine’s article on the topic:

While it’s too early to tell how effective the change will be, the mere fact that it’s still too early to tell means the change isn’t nearly radical enough to represent a real reset of the economics of publishing on the net.

Indeed, did Google go far enough? I decided to run a little test of my own. I innocuously searched for “how to write a poem.” The top two results were from WikiHow. The No. 3 result was from eHow, which is on Google’s list of “content farms.” It seems that the algorithm either hasn’t quite kicked in yet or it isn’t very effective.

The question for small business owners like you and me is this: Are we losing clicks to these content farms, and if so, how do we deal with that? Should we rely on Google’s algorithms to offer the correction is this an area where we should go on the offensive and try to beat these web pages on our own?

Of course, we should always have a proactive SEO strategy. There’s no question about that. But when you are fighting deep pockets and shallow content, what’s your game plan? You tell me. What’s your solution?