co It's All About The Reputation |

Online marketing is no longer an option. You’re either doing it or you’re not, and if you’re not, then you are falling behind the competition. The only question to ask, really, is what kind of online marketing are you going to do?

You can do link building, focus on SEO, engage with your target audience through social media, specialize in Facebook, pay for clicks, or use a combination of all of the above or add some other channels into the mix as well. But it all really boils down to one thing. Online marketing is reputation management.

There are really two kinds of reputation management. There’s proactive reputation management and reactive reputation management. The first is what you do every day, and how you do it. The second is what you do when you need it. But here’s the catch: If you’re doing the first kind of reputation management well, then you’ll need the second kind less often, maybe never.

Proactive online reputation management is staying active. It means you update your website on a periodic basis, you engage with customers through social media, you write articles and publish them online. In effect, you always have something going on.

Online reputation management is about more than building links, conducting effective SEO, or branding yourself through social media. It’s about creating and maintaining a positive image across all channels. Are you doing that?