co Did Facebook Screw Up? |

Last week, I discussed Facebook’s new Page layout features, which I think are generally a good thing. But not everyone is happy with those changes. Just read the comments on Facebook’s own page.

One of the biggest bones of contention seems to be Facebook’s relevance algorithm. Some people don’t want the most “relevant” comments to appear on their pages. They’d rather that Facebook kept the chronological order for comments.

There’s no doubt that getting used to the new format is going to take some time for some people. And I’m not going to argue that they don’t have a valid point. As one commenter put it, “Where do you get the idea that you know more than I do what is relevant on my page?!!?”

That’s a good question, Facebook.

Still, I think the new layout looks better than the original. Facebook may have to do some tweaking of its features and give Page admins greater control. Instead of dictating the features, why not allow Page admins to choose the features that are most important to them? Why not allow Page admins to choose the new layout or the old format?

In social media, user experience is critical. One person’s goldmine is another person’s grain of salt.