co Is Social Media Spam Here To Stay? |

It’s not often that you hear an online marketer complain about spam. After all, one man’s spam is another man’s content. But, Andy Beal of Marketing Pilgrim is pointing out a new Google algorithm that could very well shake up the search marketing world. For better and for worse.

I adore his conclusion:

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. If we accept that the days of everyone seeing the same ten blue links are over, and, we accept that spammers are still going to want to try and get their craptent in front of you; what do you think is going to happen? My guess? Spammers are going to do their best to weasel their way into your social network so that they can push their content higher up in your search results? (emphasis his)

Wait a minute! Isn’t that what we’re all trying to do? Isn’t that what social media marketers have been preaching about five years now? Some people’s Twitter marketing strategy is geared completely toward following in order to get a follow then immediately unfollowing after that has been achieved.

If Andy Beal is correct, search marketing just got more interesting. A few years ago, the most vocal voices in search marketing shouted loud and clear that they wanted Google to do something about search spam. They did (and to this day Google still struggles to fight search results spam). This move could very well make that fight even more difficult for Google, and for you and me.

This is where search and social media marketers have to weigh the consequences of our actions against the results of our methods. What we do to others will inevitably come back and be done to us. Want social media spam in your search results? If not, you’d better think judiciously about how you approach your social media marketing.