co Social Media Rule #1: Don't Post Too Frequently |

According to ExactTarget, as reported by WebProNews, the majority of social media users who un-Like or unfollow brands on Facebook and Twitter do so because of too frequent posting by the brand.

A full 87% of social media consumers unfriended or unfollowed a brand due to too frequent posting or because their walls were inundated with marketing messages. Half of those, 44%, did so because the brand that was unfollowed was posting too often. Are you listening?

Here’s a principle to live by: Less is more.

There’s nothing wrong with using social media to send out marketing messages, but do it too often and you’ll be dropped like a hot potato. Have you seen a lot of drops or unfriends at one time? It was likely because you posted too frequently. Did you examine your behavior right after your drops? You should have. In fact, you should examine your social media behavior right now.

People join social networks like Facebook and Twitter because they want to connect with their friends. The last thing they want is to be inundated with marketing messages. They certainly don’t want to bombed with them all day long by one brand.

Here’s the best way to take advantage of these networks for marketing purposes. Spend fifteen minutes a day on each network and no more. If you want to preschedule your messages so that they appear throughout the day, that’s fine. But make sure they are spaced hours apart and mix up the messages so they don’t repeat themselves over and over again. And remember, less is more.