co Is E-mail Marketing More Effective Than Social Media Marketing? |

It seems that e-mail marketing is still one of the most efficient and cost effective channels available to businesses – that’s both online and traditional brick and mortar businesses. What may surprise many small business owners is that social media marketing is so far down the list, especially when it comes to two-way communications. At least, that’s according to data reported on WebProNews recently.

The data suggests that 19% of respondents rated promotional e-mails as influencing their visits to websites. This compared to only 8% for search engines and 5% for social media. When it came to communications, 64% preferred promotional e-mails compared to 25% traditional snail mail, 8% social media, and 5% for mobile phone.

Although these statistics make for interesting reading, they only tell half of the story. There are many businesses that are now finding that a mix of the two, that is, social media and e-mail marketing, to be very effective. Social media is being used not to drive traffic to a website, but to promote a brand and to collect e-mail data. That e-mail data is then used to further promote the business.

Where this research does prove helpful is that it does reinforce the view held my many that e-mail marketing does deliver highly targeted traffic. It also supports the theory that e-mail marketing delivers a much higher return than some other forms of marketing. Social media is still young in many ways and because of this, it has been hard to define effective marketing methodology. By combining the two, businesses are getting the best of both worlds – they are promoting a brand through social channels while promoting their products through promotional e-mails. If it helps your business grow, then you’re moving in the right direction, no matter what the statistics say.