co Are Small Businesses Effective Online? |

Many small business owners are working hard to effectively promote themselves and their businesses online. But are they as effective as they’d like to be?

I’d be willing to wager that more than 50% of small businesses are not effective at online marketing. With that kind of bold statement, I guess I should define what is “effective” online marketing. So let’s do that.

Effective online marketing consists of, at a minimum, the following:

  • Search engine optimization that leads to at least one page of the small business website that ranks in the top three search results for at least one important key phrase
  • A pay-per-click campaign that leads to a positive ROI
  • Social media marketing that leads to positive relationships, new traffic to the small business website, and new customer acquisitions

Notice that this is a minimum in order to pass the online marketing effectiveness test. But let’s qualify that: This assumes that you are running these campaigns. If you are not operating a pay-per-click marketing campaign, then that point obviously does not apply to you.

Here’s another caveat: If you are not at least engaged in social media and search engine optimization, then you are likely not being effective. These are basic online marketing strategies that every small business owner should be using on a minimal basis, at least. If you are not engaged, you cannot be effective.