co Have You Updated Your Keywords Lately? |

Effective search engine marketing is dependent upon the rules of supply and demand. The supply side consists of the websites containing information that people are searching for. The demand side of the equation is made up of the information that people are seeking. In other words, what keywords are people typing into the search engines right now in order to find what they are looking for?

It’s important to note that these keywords could change over time. For instance, five years ago, if the majority of searchers looking for information on small business marketing were to Google “small business marketing”, then that would have been an important keyword then to target if you wanted to drive search traffic to your website. As consumers become more educated in search, they change their search habits. So, using the example again, suppose that today the majority of searchers looking for small business marketing information used the key phrase “SBM marketing online.” If there is a direct correlation in the decline of the previous keyword phrase to the increase in searches using the other, then online marketers should update their keyword list to include the current demand.

This really isn’t hard. You should conduct new keyword research at least once a year, but I would say about every six months. If you notice that searchers are using different keywords today than they were six months ago to find information about your niche, then start using those newer keywords in your content.

By updating your keyword list on a regular basis, you can keep your content current while stretching for sticky content that will always be available due to long-term algorithmic considerations.