co PR For Small Business Starts With Your Own Web Site |

Public relations is an area that most small businesses don’t address nearly enough. When it comes to an online presence, the emphasis in recent years has been on reputation management and social media marketing. Yet little things like your About Page and Your Contact Page can mean the difference between developing trust, and having visitors depart for other websites.

In most cases, About pages seem to be non-existent. Yet they provide a perfect opportunity for business owners to tell the world about their business. You can talk about your businesses history, what your vision is for the future, why you promote a certain brand of products, and who you are. In any language, that’s PR.

Chris Brogan wrote an interesting post on his site that addresses this very subject. While tongue in cheek, he made one important observation – his About Page was the most trafficked page on his web site. It didn’t matter which page they landed on when they arrived on his site, a lot of visitors clicked through to his About page.

Make your about page interesting and informative, and give it a bit of your personality – don’t make it dry and formal. Visitors want to know about your business, but they also want to know about the people behind it. If you have several staff members, write a bio on separate pages that are linked from your About Page, you’ll be surprised how often they are clicked on as well. About pages can work well to link to more important internal pages so put any relevant anchor text to good use.

Contact pages are another area that is often underused. If you sell products, set up a range of email addresses, three or four at most, that are labeled to address various areas of your business. Sales@, CustomerService@, Returns@, Inquiries@ – are just examples, but they can help your website look professional. They can also act as a filing system when it comes to receiving emails from customers or potential customers. A snail mail address, fax number, and telephone may also be appropriate for some businesses.

Optimize these sub-pages for your users’ benefit and your website looks more professional, and helps to attract more customers. PR doesn’t have to be off-site. It all starts on your own website.