co 5 Things To Consider Before You Build Your Website |

Most small businesses, when they decide to go online and establish an Internet presence, just build a website then muddle their way through marketing that website online and off line. If they achieve any successes it is usually an accident, or a planned happy occasion. The real essence of their Internet presence is only ever considered as an afterthought. But I have identified 5 key questions to ask before you build your website or establish any kind of Internet marketing presence.

The 5 Essential Questions Every Small Business Owner Should Ask Before Building Their Website:

  1. Why Do You Want A Website? This might seem like a basic question and somewhat unnecessary, but I assure you it is very important. Do you want a website for branding purposes? Do you intend to use it for lead generation or take in subscribers for your newsletter? The purpose of your website will determine how it should be designed.
  2. Who Is Your Target Market? Your target market is important. Your website will be designed with your target in mind so be sure you define it accurately.
  3. Who Is Your Competition And What Are They Doing? Do you know who your competition online is? Your online competition may or may not be the same as your off line competition. But you need to know. And find out how they are marketing online. Should you follow them or search for a hole in their plan?
  4. What Is The Ideal Structure For Your Website? Yes, you’ll need to determine how many pages you’re going to need, how your site will be navigated, and so on before you build your website.
  5. What Keywords And Social Media Will You Target? Your website, just like your business, will need to be promoted. There are two primary channels of website promotion online – search engines and social media. You’ll need to research your keywords and determine how you will target your search engine marketing, then you’ll need to research social media channels to determine which channels show the most promise for your website’s promotion opportunities.

After you’ve performed the proper website planning, then you can start building your small business website.