co Why Business Partnerships Fail |

linda finkle finding the fork in the roadIn my marketing practice, something I encounter periodically are business partnerships that just aren’t working out as the owners had originally planned. Next to marriage, a business partnership is the most intense and collaborative-dependent and interdependent relationship you can have. And, like marriage, over 50% of them fail. That’s a staggering statistic by any measurement.

If you are a part of a business partnership, have you ever imagined that you could have discussions that ended in decisions rather than arguments with your partner? Or have you wondered how to stop communication from being a barrier rather than a tool for success? Or, are you considering a partnership and aren’t sure how to determine if there is a fit, and how to make sure you have shared values, beliefs, goals – before you enter into the partnership?

A colleague of mine, Linda Finkle, has written a new book that addresses these issues. The book, “Finding The Fork In The Road,” is sure to help make your business partnership more successful and more rewarding.

Linda’s book covers such topics as:

  • How to recognize symptoms and stop treating them as if they were the problem
  • When the problem is communication and what to do about it
  • Secrets to successful partnerships and what that means to you
  • How to determine partnership fit if you are considering a partnership
  • The realities of family businesses and how they affect the business and partnership
  • And much more

Linda Finkle’s book is titled “Finding The Fork In The Road.”

Avoid the problems I mentioned above and get a TON of gifts from amazing leaders in their fields. Buy Linda’s book today and get your partnership started on the right foot.