co Navigating The Limitations Of Local Search |

Local search is great if you service just one geographic area. If you service an area that is greater than 50 miles in radius, then you’ll find that local search is good for delivering local customers, but useless for delivering customers from further afield. At present, there is no easy way around this so you need to start thinking outside the square.

To target search results from another town, without setting up a physical presence in that town, needs at the very least a digital presence. You can achieve this by having pages on your website that are dedicated to the areas you do serve. Each page needs to be well optimized with particular attention being paid to including regional place names in titles, URLs, and headings. Each page should outline the services you provide and when you provide them – for example, if you visit that town once a week, then specify those days and your service hours.

You can reinforce those pages through social media. If you can encourage your customers from those areas to ‘like’ those particular pages, so much the better. The bottom line is, you are going to have to compete in search results for those areas as an outsider. For specific searches, you should still find it relatively easy to gain a good position, although it may well be below the local search results.

Local offline marketing can also help to deliver you customers. However, this of course will do little for search results. Over time, Google will no doubt discover ways that will allow local businesses to compete in local searches in areas away from their geographic center. When they do, those dedicated pages will make a great starting point.