co Will This Be The Facebook Decade? |

Since 1980, decades have belonged to one strong innovator. The 1980s belonged to IBM, also known as Big Blue. Then, in 1990, Bill Gates introduced Microsoft and that company became the dominant business technology giant for the next ten years. Google arrived on the scene in 1998 and for the last decade the world has bowed to its authority. But who will dominate for the next ten years?

From my perspective, it appears that Facebook could be poised to dominate the technology sector during the course of the next decade. Why, I say?

For starters, Facebook has arrived from almost nowhere to emerge as the most trafficked website online. While that doesn’t mean that it will dominate the decade, it does mean that Google is not necessarily top dog any more. And there still is no clear indication that Facebook has or will develop the same financial clout that Google has enjoyed. But, there’s no clear indication that it can’t either.

Yesterday, a new chapter in Google’s storybook emerged when Eric Schmidt announced that he would no longer be its CEO. That doesn’t necessarily spell a decline for Google, but it is a significant change.

Almost every day now you hear about the growing rivalry between Google and Facebook. I think it will be interesting to see how these two companies grow in the next couple of years. The power play has begun, but how will it end?