co Can You Create Search Demand? |

Rand Fishkin wrote a blog post this morning about doing SEO on products without search demand. He suggests four techniques that are, well, rather creative. He suggests:

  • Substitution
  • Compare
  • Attract the Audience
  • Build the Brand

All of these, of course, are doable.

Rand’s post got me to thinking about search demand. Can you create search demand out of scratch? Would Rand’s four strategies naturally create search demand?

Rand’s first suggestion is to substitute a phrase using a similar product where you would normally describe your new innovation. For instance, “Plidget: It’s The New Widget.”

The problem with this is you’ll capture traffic for “widget”, which is the point, but no one is going to know to search for “plidget.” However, you can teach them to search for that term if you associate in their minds your new term with the old term and be sure to distinguish the difference. Is it a challenge? Absolutely. But it can be done.

A similar thing can be done with a helpful comparison. Instead of substituting “plidget” for “widget”, explain how the “plidget” is similar to the “widget” because it allows you to showcase local retail products in your store window in real time as products from other stores similar to yours are turned over. It will take some time, but eventually you could create a demand for the search term “plidget” if you associate the proper qualities with the product name.

If you attract an audience for your product to your website and showcase that product on the site itself, promote the product through your e-mail marketing campaigns, and do some effective off-line marketing where you embed top-of-mind awareness of the “plidget” in people’s brains, then you can create future search demand based on this ongoing marketing. The key is to embed top-of-mind awareness for the search term by associating it with the product you want people to search for.

Many of these techniques rely on traditional marketing strategies. They can work online just as well as offline, and you can create search demand where it before it hasn’t existed.