co Measure What Matters Most |

There are plenty of people who say that you can’t measure social media. But can you? I, of course, am of the opinion that you can measure social media, but instead of focusing on metrics that don’t matter, I advocate measuring data that does matter. What is that data exactly?

Number 1, stop measuring how many followers you have. It’s great that you have several thousand followers. But have any of them bought anything from you? No? And you’ve been tweeting for two years? Not good.

The key to successful social media marketing is to measure the right data. So what is that exactly?

The right metrics involve measuring data that

  1. Leads to obtaining new customers
  2. Helps you retain existing customers
  3. Increases brand awareness
  4. Enhances your ROI

Of course, you could say this of any type of marketing. Pay per click? Yes, you are concerned with the bottom line – new customers, brand reputation, conversions. The same, or similar, concerns are necessary for social media marketing as well.

Some of the data that you might be interested in when using social media include:

  • How many retweets, likes, and shares does your content get?
  • How much new traffic comes to your site from links on social media sites (check your server logs and analytics tools)?
  • Inbound links – Yes, you can still count inbound links and count how many of those are from social media websites.
  • How many people search Google for your brand?
  • What is your reputation or engagement rating?

There are many metrics you can measure in social media, but not all of them are directly related to your ROI. Keep in mind that you can limit your metrics scope to only those details that really matter.