co Google To Change Display URLs In AdWords Ads |

Google has been known for its constant testing and tweaking. As a result of this constant testing with AdWords, the Inside AdWords blog has announced that it will change the way display URLs look in AdWords ads.

Here’s what the blog says the change will look like:

Following the change, the domain portion of your display URL will always be shown in lowercase letters. For example, if your display URL is, it will appear as

Will this subtle change make a difference in click throughs? Google is claiming that it will. What do you think?

In related news, Google has introduced a new way to manage negative keywords across multiple domain names with negative keyword lists.

What this change effectively does is allow you to more efficiently manage keyword lists for more than one domain name. Negative keywords are important to any pay per click campaign because these are keywords that generally result in high click-throughs but low conversion rates. Or they could be non-related keywords that are typically associated with your keywords.

For instance, if you are a car dealer and you sell Corvettes and one of your keywords is “red Corvette”, then you might add “little red corvette” and “Prince” to your negative keyword list because you don’t want your ad to appear for these search phrases and run the risk of getting click-throughs on non-related searches.

During this time of great change in Internet marketing, pay per click marketing is a method of advertising online that has been effective for many small businesses and Google AdWords has been a major influence in the success of many of these businesses.