co Do You Need A Website? |

I’ve been seeing more and more online marketing experts lately suggesting that a business does not necessarily need its own website to be successful online. While that may be a true statement on the surface, I’d challenge you to consider that having a website, in the long term, is better than not having one.

It’s true that you can have a Facebook page, an eBay store, a Squidoo lens, a Blogger blog, or some other third-party web presence as your primary online hub and you can promote that hub using the same marketing techniques that you’d use to promote your website. But, and here’s the rub, you will always be at the mercy of that third party and if they fall, you fall.

Sure, Blogger may appear to be a permanent fixture for the Internet. You might think that Facebook isn’t going anywhere soon, and it probably isn’t. But remember Geocities? It was once thought that Geocities would always be around. But Yahoo! killed it.

So what would happen if Blogger, Facebook, Squidoo, eBay, or another third-party provider where your primary business was run from online suddenly went kaput, either because they went bankrupt, sold out, or just closed down? If you have your own website, you’ll never have to worry about that happening. And that’s why I say you should have a website. You may not need one, but it just makes sense to have one.