co How Microsites Can Increase Your Exposure |

Microsites are nothing new. But using them to increase your search engine presence is still a fairly new approach to search engine optimization. It is, however, a viable one and the necessity for microsites is based upon one single search engine policy, namely, the limitation of search results for a single site with a single keyword.

Google, it is well known, will only rank one website per keyword in its ever-growing index. That means the most potential you have for a single keyword per domain is to rank two separate pages at No. 1 and No. 2. All other pages will not be indexed if they exist on that domain. This is a serious limitation, but it’s understandable where they are coming from.

In order to increase your search engine optimization prospects, you’d be better off starting another website or two. That’s where microsites come in.

Let’s say you have a website that has two page one listings for the keyword phrase “Montana flyfishing.” Your website is a branded storefront without either of the two keywords in the domain name, but what if you started a microsite that did target these two keywords?

A quick look at the search results and you’ll see that is already taken. But let’s say you do your research and you find that is available. You snag it up. Optimize that website well for 5 pages of solid content related to flyfishing in Montana and you could earn yourself another two front page listings. Of course, you’ll have to do all the other SEO things that you did on your primary site (build links, article marketing, directory listings, etc.).

Microsites are an often overlooked marketing and SEO strategy that can earn you some leverage with the search engines. Don’t overlook them.