co Why Article Spinning Is A Big Fail |

Article marketing has always been a good way of obtaining back links to a website. Well-written articles with great anchor text links can be a good source of traffic as well as links that boost SEO rankings. However, someone came up with the idea to “spin” articles and attempt to automate the process of article submissions. Unfortunately, websites that employ these techniques often are penalized for doing so.

Why is article spinning bad? Let’s look at what it does.

The first step to spinning an article is to take the original article you have written and copy/paste it into the article spinning software. Some of this software will automatically detect the keyword on which the article is based. For others, you have to manually input the keyword. You might even be allowed to re-optimize an old article by having your software search for the primary keyword then entering a new keyword for which you want that old keyword replaced. Any of these methods is bad.

The article spinning software will “rewrite” your old article according to the rules you have established. Often, the software just simply rearranges the words and sentences in the original article.

Rearranging words and sentences doesn’t work because it often makes the article read in a jumbled, haphazard way. A good article has a logical flow to it, from idea to idea. Article spinning software is not sophisticated enough to ensure that your sentences meet that logical flow after being rearranged. Secondly, those sentences are not rewritten in most cases; they are simply moved from one part of the article to another so they are copied verbatim from the original article.

After you have spun your article, you must then submit it to article directories. Most article spinners submit to the same directories over and over again. But the most reputable article directories have software that detects spun articles. They also have human editors who can spot spun articles. These two gate-keeping measures means that your article likely will never be published.

Even if you manage to get your spun article into an article directory, the search engines are adept at spotting them, therefore they will never likely be found through a Google search or receive any traffic and your links won’t count.

Article spinning is a useless activity that is a waste of time and money. If you want to engage in article marketing, and you should, then don’t use article spinning software.