co 5 Uncommon Ways To Ensure Effective Anchor Text |

Anchor text is a certain phrase that linkers, SEOs, and other Net citizens use to link from one page to another on the Internet. In other words, in this sentence, small business Internet marketing is the anchor text.

Why is anchor text important? Because search engine algorithms are based in part on them. Web pages that employ effective, non-spammy anchor text can rank higher for the targeted key phrase. As a website owner and a small business owner doing business online, you’ll need to learn how to employ effective anchor text.

Many SEOs claim that “white hat” SEO cannot produce good anchor text. For that, you need to engage in some “black hat” or “gray hat” practices. Those terms are in reference to what search engines consider viable ways to earn links. The “white hat” variety are approved by search engines as acceptable. “Black hat” techniques can get your website banned or de-listed from the search engines.

The following 5 methods of obtaining strong anchor text links are all white hat SEO techniques. They work and I highly encourage you to use them.

  1. Press releases – Submit a press release to a PR directory and make sure you use effective anchor text to promote the pages you want to promote. Those press releases will often be used exactly as submitted, with anchor text intact.
  2. Embeddable Content – Widgets, badges, and videos are three common types of embeddable content. You can create these with anchor text within the embedded content and if it isn’t spammy in nature, the search engines will honor those links.
  3. Directed Anchor Text – If you license or give away your content for use by others, you can require that links use specific anchor text. Place your own requirements and restrictions on content you license or give away.
  4. Biographical Text – If you do speaking engagements, guest posts, engage in social media, or participate in activities that provide you opportunities to have a bio published, use a standard bio that contains link anchor text. It’s a good way to earn hundreds or thousands of anchor text links.
  5. Be A Guest Writer – A popular new way to build links now is to guest blog or guest write for another website. You can often link to your own website with the anchor text of your choice.

Anchor text is not hard to earn. You do have to go about it in a smart way, but the principles are embedded in the nature of the Web.