co Merry Christmas From Small Business Mavericks |

It’s Christmas Eve and I’d like to take this time to wish you a very Merry Christmas – you and your family. We will not be posting to this blog tomorrow.

While we will not be posting on Christmas Day, don’t think that we have forgotten about Internet marketing. It’s OK to take a day off from time to time. In general, however, you want be active every day. If I find the time, I’ll likely do a little bit of social networking – updating my Twitter or Facebook. That’s if I have time.

The more active you are online the more likely you are to be doing your business some good. Internet marketing is a game where more activity means more benefits. Those benefits vary in nature. They might include SEO benefits, traffic to your website, increased reputation, furthering your brand, making a great first impression, etc. Often, there are benefits you do not even see.

While we’re encouraging you to spend as much time online to market your business, we also believe it’s OK to take a day off from time to time to recharge. That’s important too. And since it is Christmas Day tomorrow, it’s a great opportunity to have some family time and recharge the batteries.

Then, we can all come back the next day and compare holiday notes.

Merry Christmas! May you have a great day.