co LinkedIn Is Stepping Up Its 'A' Game |

LinkedIn has been a little bit of an anomaly among social media networks. It isn’t going after the popular crowd. Rather, it’s focus is on business professionals. Because LinkedIn has focused on the professional crowd, it has grown quite a following among business-minded professionals who want to engage through social media marketing. But the downside is that LinkedIn has not had the innovative technologies that other social networks have come to rely on.

Ah, but that doesn’t mean that LinkedIn isn’t an innovator. They are. And here’s another proof of LinkedIn’s ability to keep up with the times.

Until now, LinkedIn has largely been closed to the Web. You can network with other LinkedIn users, ask and answer questions, send links through private messaging, and engage in many other cool networking activities – all within LinkedIn. But you haven’t really been able to share links with your network from outside of LinkedIn. Now you can.

By dragging and dropping the Share button to your browser toolbar, you can now share any page on the Web with your LinkedIn network of friends and groups. While that isn’t exactly innovation since other social networks have had this capability for quite a while, it is an added value to LinkedIn, which is the premiere social networking website for business professionals. LinkedIn just got a heck of a lot better!