co Internet Marketing: So Complicated |

Internet marketing used to be so simple. You built a web page, promoted it with articles, paid a small amount for a banner ad on a related website, and ensured you had keywords properly placed on your content so that it ranked in the right search engines. You also probably submitted your site to a few good directories. And that was about it.

Things have grown a bit more complicated since those days. Search engine optimization is more involved and requires a lot more patience, pay-per-click marketing is nearly a necessity for everyone, social media marketing has taken on new twists and is fast becoming the most important way to market a business online, and other forms of marketing like video marketing have taken root as well. Of course, you still have those old mainstays of link building and article marketing. And who hasn’t thought about starting a blog?

There are many more strategies to making your Internet marketing work and no one has time to do them all. If you do incorporate them all into your business marketing plan, then you’ll have to pay someone to handle some of it. But who do you hire and how much do you pay to ensure those functions are handled properly?

It can really get confusing. That’s why an Internet marketing guide with experience and the ability to get to the heart of your business can be a huge asset. Plan your marketing, and then work your plan.