co Are You Over Marketing? |

Can you over market? Is it possible to over do it in the marketing department? Before Internet marketing, most marketers would have said “No” to that question. It was expected that marketers would make suspect claims and go through great trouble to leave an impression in the minds of consumers. While some of that is still expected even in the age of Internet marketing, there are some reasons for believing that it’s OK to be more reserved, more controlled and measured, and less “in your face” than in the past.

If you use social media websites like Facebook and Twitter for your online marketing initiatives, then you’ve got to master the art of moderation. You can’t just send out message after message and tweet after tweet in hopes of attracting people to buy from you. You are more likely to turn them off than on using that approach.

It’s not that you can’t market yourself at all, but you’ve got to market yourself intelligently, using the tools at your disposal for social interaction and relationship building rather than blatant marketing. Once you have established a relationship with your prospects, you can then send them to your online store or online hub for a deeper relationship – and that’s where you’ll do your heavy marketing.