co Why Reputation Management Is Growing In Importance |

Reputation management is important. But it’s growing in importance every day, and I think very soon the average person will spend a lot of time thinking about managing their reputation online. It won’t be just for businesses any more.

An article in WebProNews illustrates that 90% of Americans want more control of information about them online. There’s no doubt this is true. As more and more people go online, real world conflicts will also go online. People will use the Internet to make accusations, pass on bad information about another party, and generally wreak havoc in the lives of people they don’t like. It’s an easy thing to do with minimal access to the Internet.

Of course, the reverse is also true. You can say a lot of good things about people too. But most people won’t bother to present the good; the negative gets far more airplay. That’s what makes reputation management important.

If you find yourself having to combat negative untrue statements about you on the Internet, learn how you can combat those statements and the perception of you that they create among people you’d like to interact with. If your reputation is being damaged, you can do something about it.