co Google, Facebook, Then Yahoo!? |

According to a study discussed today on Marketing Pilgrim, Google is the most often used third-party login. Facebook is second. And Yahoo! is third. Really?

Forgive me if I seem surprised, but I didn’t think Yahoo! still had it in them. But I’m also surprised that Google’s third-party login platform is more popular than Facebook’s. I’d have thought the other way around. But if you look at entertainment websites alone, then Facebook is top dog – to the tune of 41% to Google’s 13%. And Google is fourth in line there behind Windows Live and, again, Yahoo!

Should I be surprised by these results?

I’m actually not that surprised by the entertainment numbers. Facebook has a firm hold on entertainment logins. Windows Live has done a better job than Google, overall, of reaching entertainment searchers. And Yahoo! as well. So those numbers don’t really surprise me.

I’m curious as to your reaction, however. Do you use third-party logins for your social site? If you had a social site, would you use third-party logins? Which ones would you use?

Are you a bigger fan of Facebook as a login platform, Google, or Yahoo! Which is your top pick?